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Over the past month, we’ve been keeping rather tight-lipped regarding the latest WordPress themes we’ve been creating. But we think now is a good time to loosen the unyielding doors and give everyone a glimpse at what to expect over the next month.


Huex is the theme that is closest to being released. This theme went through an entire catalog of names until I finally settled and became pleased with Huex. The title of this theme comes from all of the six different hues  you can choose for your color scheme… Including blue, green, gray, orange, purple and red.

As you can see in the mid-right section of the preview image above, there are six different colored cubes. Clicking on the cubes is how you change the color scheme of the theme, and having the cubes display on the page at all is optional. The design of Huex is rather simple, but it does contain some nifty 3-dimensional styles and effects. For one example, colored headings in the right navigation wraparound the light gray content boxes as they become slightly darker.

Even though Ryan hasn’t quite finished integrating the Huex design into WordPress, I’ve been working pretty consistently (and finished) with designing the next theme that will arrive afterward. And that theme is Modesto, our first stab at portfolio-oriented design and functionality for WordPress. Along with all of the standard blog post, category listing, and index page designs, we are also integrating all of the necessary portfolio pages and elements… Such as a listing that includes all of the portfolio items and a page dedicated to the full details of a portfolio item.


The portfolio item page will have all of the project details, up to four different screenshots, and a section for a fully written description. In addition, we’ll be integrating the popular, simple and elegant JavaScript Lightbox application to display larger screenshots of the portfolio items when a user clicks on a thumbnail. Overall, we’re very excited to release Modesto to the public, as we can’t wait to see what our creative customers can do with it.

Huex should be available to purchase later this month. However, we plan on doing some minor changes to all of our already released themes before we start working on Modesto. We’ll be talking about all of changes in another blog post very shortly. Just remember to subscribe to our RSS feed and twitter page to be one of the first people to purchase our themes and receive an insight to our development progress. Thanks for reading!