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For those of you who might have missed it – wordpress 2.8 was released the other day. WordPress 2.8 includes some nice new features that we here at WP Now plan on implementing into our themes. First off is the cleaner widget API. The widget API now allows for multiple instances of widgets – meaning you can have more than one of any single widget on your sidebar.

WordPress’ new widget API allows us to create customizable widgets with ease. In future themes – and old ones as well (when we release updates for them) we will be including customizable widgets with individual options for each widget.

An example of one of the customizable widgets we will be releasing in updates and future themes include the adsense widget. This widget is used in almost all of our themes.

Previously you had to manually edit code in the FTP – but who likes that? We have created a bunch of options for the adsense widget that gives you total control over the colors and title of the widget with ease. An example of the widget options is below.

We plan on expanding on these and creating more advanced widgets as we move forward.

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