Bloom Wordpress Theme FAQs

1.How do I add a photo to my users' profiles?

WordPress is integrated with to display your globally recognized avatar.
To assign avatars to your users or various admins, first make sure that each of your users has their own profile. You can create new user profiles in the “User” section of admin.
Next, sign up for an account at using the same email address that was used to create the User profile in WordPress admin. Upload an image to This gravatar image is now associated with that specific User and their image will appear next to the content they post. This image will also appear when the user posts comments on other WordPress blogs (as long as they use the associated email address when commenting).

2.How do I add/delete/arrange the widgets in the sidebar?

In WordPress Admin, navigate to: Appearance -> Widgets. Drag the widget titles from the lists on the left side to the “Sidebar” sections on the right side. You can also drag and drop the widgets up or down within each Sidebar to change their placement above or below other widgets.

3.How do I increase/decrease the amount of items shown under “News & Updates”?

Navigate to Settings –> Reading and change the number next to “Blog pages show at most:”

4.How do I set up the Featured Content Slideshow in Bloom?

The Featured Content Gallery is a 3rd party plugin that comes with the theme download. Please make sure that you have uploaded and activated it. You’ll also need to change some of the settings by navigating to: Settings —> Featured Content Gallery. Below are the settings that we’ve configured in the demo but you can set them as you wish:
Featured Content Selection (choose a category or individual posts/pages): Featured or similar
Gallery Width in Pixels: 586
Gallery Height in Pixels: 209
Text Overlay Height in Pixels: Modify as you like
Gallery Border Color (#hex or color name): Modify as you like
Gallery Background Color (#hex or color name): #666
Slide Display Duration (milliseconds): 5000
Slide Fade Duration (milliseconds): 200

Default Custom Field Name for Rotating Image: articleimg
Slide Transition Type – Choose your slide transition effect: Slide Left with Fade
Check the Box for Custom Field Name for Rotating Text: featuredtext

5.How do I add the thumbnail images to the News & updates section?

In order to add the thumbnail images to the articles under the “News & Updates” section, you need to add it as a “Custom Field” when you create the post. In the Custom Fields section, you need to add your image as follows:

Name: thumbnail
Value: full URL path to your image including the http://

For best results and fastest page load times, make sure your image is already sized to 67 x 67 pixels

6.How do I setup the 3 "Highlights"/"Featured Content" sections on the homepage?

Assign Categories To setup the 3 sections that appear under Highlights/Spotlight, navigate to your Theme Options Panel located under Appearance in Admin. Find the drop-down menus under Highlights Category 1, Highlights Category 2 , & Highlights Category 3. Select the 3 categories that you wish to display. The last post within each category will appear in those 3 spots on the homepage.
Which Posts will be Displayed? Posts will need to have a thumbnail image assigned to them in order to appear in these 3 spots. To do this, locate the “Custom Fields” section on your Post Edit page and fill in the following information:
Names: thumbnail
Values: the URL to that image
Thumbnail Images You can use the WP Post Thumbnail Plugin to create the specific image sizes and insert their URL in to the Custom Fields automatically. Click here to view a tutorial on using the WP Post Thumbnail plugin. You can also insert the information manually by uploading each image size to Media. For image sizes, please see the Common Image Dimensions FAQ for your particular theme.

7.How do I setup the RSS Subscribe form on the sidebar?

*The RSS Subscribe box works with Feedburner. If you do not have a feedburner address, you can sign up for one here:

Bloom Theme Enter your RSS Feedburner URL into the Theme Options Panel (located under Appearances in admin). If no address is entered, the RSS box will not appear.

8.How do I change the featured video?

The Featured Video shown on many of our demos is simply a text widget with embed code added. Please be sure to change the video size so it fits within the sidebar.

9.How do I replace the default advertisements?

Navigate to your Theme Options Panel (located under Appearance in admin). Find the Advertisement section, simply paste your code into the specified fields and click save.