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Over the past few weeks, an epic battle between gaming websites and WordPress blogs has been progressing. On one side, the gaming beast gloats with huge game databases, reviews, news, updates, previews, and a sleek yet complex prevailing design structure. On the other side is WordPress, an orderly and methodical platform that dictates proper web standards and usability. The clash between the two giants was long and rigrous one, yet the dust has recently settled from the fiasco. We discovered that this was antonymous to a calamity… what was left behind is anything but disastrous. The lights shone down onto a sublime coalition of gaming and WordPress; we called it GameNow.

Finally, we can introduce GameNow as the gaming theme for WordPress that actually has the beauty and brawn of a real gaming website combined with everything we love about WordPress. On the outside, GameNow has a light and dark color scheme that site users can switch in-between. The fast-loading-yet-modern-looking design shares some congruity with the massively popular GameSpot, but clearly deviates with a creative and unique trail of its own.

GameNow - Light

On the inside we’ve bundled some nifty WordPress plugins to enhance the usability and heighten the user features of the theme. One example is the rating system we’ve implemented for reviews, as well as user-rated articles and comments. Another example is the poll plugin that is customized to seamlessly flow with the theme.

GameNow is most certainly an amazing WordPress theme that uses typical features of the blogging platform to rise to new heights. Don’t take our word for it though, you should really check it out and see for yourself. If you like it, the theme will only cost you $49… which is a bargain considering it’s the best gaming theme on the market. So get GameNow and pwn your n00bish competition.