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Over the past five weeks, WordPress Now has been working extremely hard to bring you some spectacular themes. Even though neither of our themes have reached the point of public release, we would like to take the time to give you a little peak behind closed doors.

Shortly after releasing VintMint, we set our sights on creating a gaming theme that didn’t even appear to run off of WordPress. As some of you may know, most gaming websites run off of advanced content management systems filled with databases of games, images, articles, and more. WordPress is much easier to use and manage compared to these advanced content management systems. So it is easy to see how you wouldn’t expect a gaming website that uses our beloved WordPress to appear so whole and fitting… but it is.

GameNow teaser image

GameNow allows you to switch between dark and light color schemes according to your preferences. The theme uses high contrast colors, and design elements that fit properly with a traditional gaming site. It also includes a rating system plugin, a custom featured content slider, rated comments, a poll, and many more things that will optimize a typical WordPress installation to become a great-looking and very function gaming website.

While Ryan continued to work on GameNow, I started to design a WordPress theme based on vacations. Say that you and your significant-other decided to take the kids on a week-long trip to the Florida Keys. You can decide to get a WordPress website online and blog about your trip… Then email your friends and family the link to your blog. They can follow you, poke fun about your ridiculous sun burn, and comment on your blog updates regarding your vacation. Or… maybe you want to run a website that gives tips, recommendations, and special bargains to travelers.

Boardwalk teaser image

Basically if your website relates to summer at all, there are no bounds with this theme. The design is unparalleled to any other, featuring random beach scenes in the footer and a sky that haphazardly displays hot air balloons, kites, airplanes, birds and rainbows. Besides my very brief description and the little teaser image included above, I really can’t go too much further into the details with you.

You can expect both themes to be released this month. Remember to subscribe to our RSS feed and twitter page to be one of the first people to purchase our themes and receive an insight to our development progress. Thanks for reading!