Support Policy

How To Obtain Support?

WPNow provides support via our Ticketing SystemTheme FAQ,  & WordPress Tutorials. We do not provide post-sales support via social media. If you have a pre-sales or affiliate support request, you may contact us. Within our ticketing system, we may request you to e-mail us your login details if needed to support your request. In that case only, we will communicate via e-mail to protect your confidential & secure details.

What Do We Offer Support For?

WPNow only provides support on inquiries specifically relating to WPNow themes. We do not offer general WordPress support. We recommend becoming familiar with the WordPress Codex for all general WordPress related questions. We also do not offer support for plugins that we did not author. Many of our theme downloads come with various plugins but these are 3rd party inclusions and any issues with them should be directed towards the plugin author or support site.

Many of our themes come with an Options Panel allowing you to configure Featured categories and articles, set up your logo, advertisements, color scheme and more. We provide support for the configuration panel and the basic functions of the theme as they come “out-of-the-box.” In-depth modifications and customizations are not covered within the scope of our support. For example, integrating our theme with an existing site or CMS, image or CSS modifications or even custom changes to our code are not topics we can provide extensive instruction on.

If you are requesting modification help which only requires altering a couple lines of code, we will be glad to assist you. If however, if your query requires extensive coding changes beyond just a few lines, we can only provide guidance and you would then need to hire a programmer if you cannot implement it yourself.

Bug Fixes

Please let us know as soon as possible if you discover a bug within a theme. We are committed to fix all theme bugs as quickly as possible. Any major bugs will be corrected as soon as possible. We will also try to provide a solution via the forum for smaller bugs that may come up and these fixes will also be included when we update the core theme package.

Theme Updates

Theme updates will be released when necessary. Please note that updates are offered as a complete theme download and reinstall. This means that if you made any custom changes to your current CSS or other code, it will be overwritten when you install the update. Please be sure to save a copy of any files that you have modified prior to installing the updated theme so you can re-apply your customizations. All members who are subscribed to our newsletter will receive an email when an update is released. We will also post the update notice on our blog.

Get your most common theme support questions answered now by visiting the Themes FAQ page