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There has been a thunder of debate here at the WP Now developers table, all over the perceived use and ideal functionality of the WordPress “Theme Options Panel”.

You may know it as that little tab on the WordPress admin page, where you can manage various aspects of a specific theme, such as logo, social media links, banner advertising, Google Analytics and more.

Some theme developers are of the opinion that making the Theme Options panel as in depth and comprehensive as possible is best and provides the most flexible user experience.

Other developers are of the opinion that less is more.  That aside from a handful of necessary options, the majority of site owners don’t use this page, use other plugins, or are totally intimidated by it.

….since we are at an impasse, we decided to take to our users.   We’ve put together a short survey (its only 11 questions and should take no more than 5 minutes to fill out), to get your opinions on what you think should be included.

To the first 100 users who fill out the survey at the link below, we will send you a coupon for 50% off ANY theme order. Use this for a standard theme and save $25.  Use it for a developer theme and save $40.   Use it for our Developer Theme Club (which includes ALL of our themes) and save $65!!! (Plus you’ll get a warm fuzzy for helping make WordPress and WPNow Themes even better.)
Thanks and keep an eye out in your email box for our newest theme coming out in the next couple of days!