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The WP Now theme option panel has finally arrived on the Huex bus, and it couldn’t be happier to finally come face to face with you! As a WP Now theme user, you should be pretty excited to come across the newly added panel as well. How come? Let me explain…

In the past, certain things like setting the featured category and editing the advertisements had to be hard coded into a theme option file. Then that file required you to overwrite the existing file via FTP… and nobody likes saving files, opening an FTP client, overwriting the old file, and so-on. The WP Now theme option panel now streamlines these tasks by adding them into the WordPress admin panel, so there is no more messing with that theme option file or FTP. We’re trying to build as many options into the custom panel as we can. Every theme will have its own specific set of options to simplify all tedious tasks just for that theme.


Our custom panel will be included at no extra charge with all of the new WP Now themes. And all of our already released themes will be getting the inclusion of the panel within the next few weeks. So pretty soon, no matter what WP Now theme you have, you’ll also have our theme option panel.