Over the past month, we’ve been keeping rather tight-lipped regarding the latest WordPress themes we’ve been creating. But we think now is a good time to loosen the unyielding doors and give everyone a glimpse at what to expect over the next month.


Huex is the theme that is closest to being released. This theme went through an entire catalog of names until I finally settled and became pleased with Huex. The title of this theme comes from all of the six different hues  you can choose for your color scheme… Including blue, green, gray, orange, purple and red. (more…)


When I go on a vacation, the world is lifted off of my shoulders. I get to take an extended break from work and travel to a carefree destination along with the people in life that I love the most. For me, there are so many places in the world that would suit well for a vacation destination… like thousands of beaches, majestic landscapes, renowned cities, tropical cruises, and so much more. The escape away from the everyday life is very much deserved, which is probably why most of us try to go on vacation at least once a year.

Despite how eager majority of people become to go on these vacations, trips, and holidays, it’s always nice to return home. Once settled back into your place of residence, friends and family usually ask how the trip was and they usually interrogate you about practically everything. But what if you could just setup your own blog online and handout the URL to all of those people who want to know about your trip. Then you could write-up articles and post them to your blog, where your family and friends can go everyday to catch all of your vacation updates, photographs, and tweets. Wouldn’t that be cool?



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WPWishlist offers WordPress users a quick and easy way to turn a basic blog into fully functional membership website with billing options and file permissions so you can protect your content and offer it to paying members only.   You can get an affordable WordPress plugin for use on an unlimited number of domains for just $297, which includes 3 months of support, free updates and a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Wishlist member plugin also comes with a great collection of instructional training videos and screenprints which will teach you some of the great ways to customize WordPress so that you can carry out tasks such as importing and exporting members, setting up shopping carts, offering multiple payment gateways, content protection, secure RSS delivery and more.

WPWishlist plugins are compatible with all of the major shopping carts and will provide a registration page for each level of membership available on your site.   Automatic updates are released regularly so that you will be able to install any new versions of WordPress without any hassle.

Check out the WordPress Membership Plugin

stickerUPDATE: The 50% promotion has officially ended. However, that promotion has been replaced with a permanent special. From now on, all themes will start at the price of $29… and some themes (like Simplista) are now free. So enjoy the new pricing structure and thank you again for making WP Now what it is today!

As an end-of-summer promotion, we will be offering all of our themes at 50% off. To get 50% off all of our themes, just use the promotional code WELOVESUMMER at checkout. Enjoy and thanks to everyone who made WordPress Now’s first summer one to remember!

Over the past few weeks, an epic battle between gaming websites and WordPress blogs has been progressing. On one side, the gaming beast gloats with huge game databases, reviews, news, updates, previews, and a sleek yet complex prevailing design structure. On the other side is WordPress, an orderly and methodical platform that dictates proper web standards and usability. The clash between the two giants was long and rigrous one, yet the dust has recently settled from the fiasco. We discovered that this was antonymous to a calamity… what was left behind is anything but disastrous. The lights shone down onto a sublime coalition of gaming and WordPress; we called it GameNow.

Finally, we can introduce GameNow as the gaming theme for WordPress that actually has the beauty and brawn of a real gaming website combined with everything we love about WordPress. On the outside, GameNow has a light and dark color scheme that site users can switch in-between. The fast-loading-yet-modern-looking design shares some congruity with the massively popular GameSpot, but clearly deviates with a creative and unique trail of its own.

GameNow - Light


Over the past five weeks, WordPress Now has been working extremely hard to bring you some spectacular themes. Even though neither of our themes have reached the point of public release, we would like to take the time to give you a little peak behind closed doors.

Shortly after releasing VintMint, we set our sights on creating a gaming theme that didn’t even appear to run off of WordPress. As some of you may know, most gaming websites run off of advanced content management systems filled with databases of games, images, articles, and more. WordPress is much easier to use and manage compared to these advanced content management systems. So it is easy to see how you wouldn’t expect a gaming website that uses our beloved WordPress to appear so whole and fitting… but it is.



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Gravity Forms is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you full management of WordPress form features.   You can create, edit and organise forms quickly and easily, and is ideal for beginners as you will not need to have any specialist programming skills in order to use the software.

This versatile plugin allows you to carry out a number of tasks from scheduling forms so that you can set up specific start and end dates, which is ideal if you want to set up a competition and you only want a certain number of people to submit entries.   Some additional plugin features are:   importing of forms, email notification routing, post custom fields, w3c validation, dynamic field population, form scheduling, limit entries, role management, form embedder, autoresponder follow up emails, reCAPTCHA and easy management from the WordPress admin panel.

Gravity Forms is also compatible with many other leading plugins to create seamless integration.   This plugin is available as a single ($39), multi-site ($99) or developer license ($199) and this comes with free upgrades and online support.

Check out the Gravity Forms Plugin – Demo the Plugin


For those of you who might have missed it – wordpress 2.8 was released the other day. WordPress 2.8 includes some nice new features that we here at WP Now plan on implementing into our themes. First off is the cleaner widget API. The widget API now allows for multiple instances of widgets – meaning you can have more than one of any single widget on your sidebar.

WordPress’ new widget API allows us to create customizable widgets with ease. In future themes – and old ones as well (when we release updates for them) we will be including customizable widgets with individual options for each widget.

An example of one of the customizable widgets we will be releasing in updates and future themes include the adsense widget. This widget is used in almost all of our themes.

Previously you had to manually edit code in the FTP – but who likes that? We have created a bunch of options for the adsense widget that gives you total control over the colors and title of the widget with ease. An example of the widget options is below.

We plan on expanding on these and creating more advanced widgets as we move forward.

Thanks for taking the time to read,


The Elements theme version 1.01 includes some bug fixes with the sidebar widgets.

– Fixed widgets issue/bug
– Fixed widgets not showing the bottom of the box

To get this update, redownload using the link you received in the email after purchasing Elements. If you have no more download attempts available, please contact support and we will help you out.

For those of you who don’t want to completely replace your theme (in case you customized it) the affected files include style.css and functions.php You only need to upload these two files to your Elements theme directory to get this bugfix.



Topic Storm finds the latest trending topics on Twitter and automatically creates a new post with that topic, grabbing additional information and pictures Google Blogsearch and Wikipedia.

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Run your own autoblog, always in the forefront of what people are searching for right now!

Stop searching for the niches that will bring you traffic, let Twitter tell you what is important RIGHT NOW and use the power of WordPress to make yourself an automatically updated blog!

Topic Storm will find you the latest trending topics on Twitter and automatically creates a new post with that topic, grabbing additional information and pictures via Google Blogsearch and Wikipedia.

It is a great way to create a lot of unique content on current trending articles; that Google will absolutely gobble up.

  • Choose which user to post as
  • Choose how often to make a new blogpost! (Choose in intervals from 30 minutes to 24 hours!
  • Choose to publish directly, or mark the post in draft-status, so you can make finetuning
  • Choose which category to post as!
  • Control your topic lines. Choose either to post with the keyword as the title, or have it inserted randomly into a built-in list of random topic titles!
  • Bonus: You can add images to your blog posts, either hotlink them or download and save on your own WordPress blog! (Topic Storm automatically rewrites the name of the image for even better SEO value!) (optional)
  • Bonus: Have Topic Storm create tags for the blogpost automatically for you! (optional)
  • Bonus: Add content from Wikipedia (if any material on the subject exists) (optional)
  • Bonus: Add Tweets as comments to your blogpost! Make your blogposts seem more lively! (optional)

note: This script requires PHP5 to function correctly.

Check out the Topic Storm Plugin – Demo the Plugin