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When I go on a vacation, the world is lifted off of my shoulders. I get to take an extended break from work and travel to a carefree destination along with the people in life that I love the most. For me, there are so many places in the world that would suit well for a vacation destination… like thousands of beaches, majestic landscapes, renowned cities, tropical cruises, and so much more. The escape away from the everyday life is very much deserved, which is probably why most of us try to go on vacation at least once a year.

Despite how eager majority of people become to go on these vacations, trips, and holidays, it’s always nice to return home. Once settled back into your place of residence, friends and family usually ask how the trip was and they usually interrogate you about practically everything. But what if you could just setup your own blog online and handout the URL to all of those people who want to know about your trip. Then you could write-up articles and post them to your blog, where your family and friends can go everyday to catch all of your vacation updates, photographs, and tweets. Wouldn’t that be cool?

What I just described has always been possible ever since WordPress has been around, but with the new Boardwalk theme you can finally blog about your vacation with some style. That’s because we took the time to give the Boardwalk theme a beach-like atmosphere… with a blue sky in the header that randomly shows a variation of objects such as hot air balloons, rainbows, kites, silhouettes of seagulls, and a bright yellow sun tucked behind some cotton-like clouds. The wooden boardwalk stretches to the footer, where the sandy shore gives way to the ocean. Like the header, the footer has sets of objects that randomly displays… like coconut trees, crabs, wooden tables with umbrellas and chairs, and beach balls.

All-in-all, the entire atmosphere of Boardwalk has been tweaked to set the absolute perfect theme for a vacation; relaxed, easy-going, and above all else – fun. The great thing about this WordPress theme is that it can be used for so many things… Use it for blogging about your vacation, or apply it to your cruise company’s WordPress website. Maybe you own a souvenir shop in Ocean City, Maryland or perhaps you provide traveling tips and discounts to vacationers. So many businesses and activities revolve around traveling and vacationing, and just about all of them would be appropriately fitted with a theme for WordPress like Boardwalk.

Before I rant about our new theme for too much longer, you should checkout the Boardwalk detail page or jump right to giving the Boardwalk theme a test drive. The price of this theme starts at only $59.00, but if you decide to purchase it, don’t forget about our 50% discount code “WELOVESUMMER” which will bring the cost of the theme down to an extremely affordable and worthy price of $29.50. Enjoy and have fun on the Boardwalk! 😉