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WordPress AutoBlogged plugin is one of the top wordpress plugins that can be used to transform your blog into a content generating, money making machine.  Within a few minutes you can turn an empty blog, into an auto populating content machine.

Autoblogged is a robust autoblogging WordPress plugin that can allow users to automatically create blog posts from any Atom or RSS feed.  This plugin offers a number of useful features to automate WordPress blog content and provides pre-defined searches to allow easy searching of news articles, auto post filtering and RSS autodiscovery, and allows users to assign categories and subcategories to organise content more efficiently.

There are three different Autoblogged licenses available, single ($59.95), multi-site ($129.95) and developer ($389).   All licenses includ free support services, updates and sublicensing (with the developer license).

Check out the AutoBlogged Plugin – Demo the Plugin