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At this exact moment, WordPress has been downloaded a total of 10,718,399 times according to the official WordPress Download Counter.  This number increases by the second, spreading like wildfire across the world’s community of web designers, programmers, business owners…. down to the individual blogger.   WordPress is great, not just because of its intuitive design, elegant coding and the fact that it’s free, WordPress is amazing because of the tremendous community that continues to grow around it.

So many people to acknowledge…  first and foremost, the team over at Automattic – the engine that keeps the ship moving.   How about the contributing coders and beta testers who bring a whole new meaning to the term “think tank.”    And a huge shout out to the plugin developers who make our lives oh so much sweeter and more functional.

As theme developers, we have the fun job.   We get to dress up the beast and make it pretty.  But with thousands of themes out there, we are reliant on the unofficial WordPress “press coreto bring meaning, cohesion and order to it all.   Here at WP Now, we would like to acknowledge a few of these bloggers and thank them for their commitment to our community:

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What WP guru would you like to give props to?