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WP Coupon is the premier script for managing coupons and turning a free wordpress blog into an affiliate money making machine.   WP Coupon turns WordPress into a powerful coupon site, allowing you to easily create user-submitted coupon sites on virtually any niche – books, travel, hosting, and more! Use it to run a complete affiliate coupon site, or add coupons to your existing website or blog. Bundled with a complete affiliate link management system!

Some of the great features of WP Coupon:

Fully Optimized

WP Coupon is optimized for search engines and third party advertisements like Google Adwords, Yahoo, BidVertiser and more. Each theme provided by WP Coupon is search engine friendly and completely optimized for maximum search engine exposure. This will help you get ranked higher in search engines. So rest assured, you will not have to spend countless hours on search engine optimization.

Different Coupon Types

Not just offer your visitors coupons, but also provide shopping tips and printable coupons! Visitors submitting coupons can choose between three different coupon types; coupon code, printable coupon, and shopping tip. When logged into WordPress as admin you will have the option when submitting coupons to have the coupon be featured and even enter a custom url for each coupon. This allows you to have a different landing page for a coupon. Useful for coupons only activated by a unique link.

Store Subscriptions

Offer your visitors different ways for them to receive alerts whenever a new coupon is added. Visitors can receive email alerts of new coupons, subscribe to the stores coupon rss feed and comment rss feed, or use AddToAny widget options.

Automatic Coupon Update

Easily keep your coupon site updated with the latest coupons. Connect with various coupon feeds or use WP Coupon’s Coupon Feed* to have your coupon site updated automatically.

Complete Affiliate Link Management System

Fully integrated with  Manage Affiliate Links to provide your coupon site with the best link management system. Manage Affiliate Links allows you to redirect dead, expired, or broken links to another link of your choice. This is important because you do not want your visitors leave your site because of broken links or an expired campaign link. Manage Affiliate Links protects your sites image and reputation while providing a backup system to your links. You will receive an email notification of dead links allowing you to update the down link. Manage Affiliate Links will increase your conversion ratio and allow you to build a large coupon network without having to check your links every day.

Sponsored Categories

Offer companies an opportunity to sponsor categories. With WP AD you can sell ad space with an unlimited number of ad placements. WP AD features email notification of expiring ads, default ad, email templates, ad stats, and so much more.

Special Tools

WP Coupon comes with special tools to help you add stores to your coupon web site. Using the Quick Summary and Tag Finder will save you time writing the a summary of the store and adding tags. When adding a special offer for the store you can use the SEO Images for Special Offer tool generate a search engine optimized html code automatically. This gives you the maximum SEO advantage.

Online Community

WP Coupon allows user to join and create an account. Registered users can choose an avatar and create a profile that will be visible to other users online. Each comment or coupon submitted by the user will display a quick summary of their profile as well as their chosen avatar when you hover over their username. Users can also manage their email subscriptions from their account.

Totally Integrated With WordPress

WP Coupon integrates with your WP Admin area, allowing you to configure the plugin through the settings panel. Each theme provided by WP Coupon comes with a special themes panel with lots of options to customize your coupon web site without ever having to edit the html code.

Auto-Sizing Thumbnails

An image resizer script built into the WP Coupon theme automatically scales your store thumbnails (Snapshots) for pixel perfect display in our templates. No need to upload new cropped images when switching themes or using your own.

WP Coupon Framework

All WP Coupon themes and plugins are built on the same stable WP Coupon framework. Making modifications are a breeze, with notes in the code to help assist you in making changes and allow further software development. Over 90% of the code is unencrypted!

Custom Printable Coupon

Now offer merchants a chance to create their very own printable coupons. Features include; set number of coupons to be printed, control how many times a user may print a coupon, custom coupon templates, multiple bar code format support, coupon tracking and fraud protection, easy interface, and so much more!

Single domain licenses are available for $199 or for $499 you will receive a single domain license and all 4 available themes

Check out the WP Coupon Plugin – DEMO the WP Coupon Plugin